MUO, 2016./2017.




Jihad is the holy war. It is the central theme of holy writs. This is not a war waged on the horizontal plane: “I” or “we” against “them.” This war is fought on the vertical plane. It is a personal human struggle to liberate and uplift humanity – to regain it. A very special war against one's own ignorance, envy, fear, evil.

One prepares for the battle behind a veil, by a deep longing.One may say that the precondition for the longing is to discover one's nakedness.

The awakened consciousness – I know that I know nothing – appears to heed the whisper of the Delphian command: “Know thyself.”

The longing Soul and the Consciousness aware of its own ignorance and significance come to stillness, and the war begins.

The holy war cannot be lost if led by the Soul, the Soul hidden behind the mask.

The consciousness of the mask decides it...